Families to choose between heating and eating this winter

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Marcus Rashford has warned the government that families who are currently on the breadline will have to choose between heating their homes and eating this winter.
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This comes two days after the temporary £20 per-week increase to welfare payments was stopped.

Mr Rashford, who over the past couple of years has emerged as a campaigner against poverty, said: “The cost of living has definitely increased.

“You know, people in households are having to decide – it reminds me of my situation when I was younger, to be fair – you’ve got to decide between are you going to eat or are you going to be warm in the house?

“And these are decisions that you don’t want people to go through, never mind children, and, you know, there’s other stuff – there’s the price of fuel and electricity.

As a parent, are you worried that you will have to choose between heating your home and feeding your children this winter?  As food prices are rising, and energy bills are set to increase by £400 in the next year, how will this impact you as a dad?
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We would love to know your thoughts in the comment section and how you as a parent would tackle this issue.

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