Family Ski Holiday Kit List

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Having been on many ski trips with Louis (13) and having just introduced Ted (3) to the sport, we thought we’d share a family ski holiday kit list with you.

Having the right kit is essential for a great holiday. If the children get cold, they wont be able to enjoy their experience, and nor will you. We’ve been on holidays in the past where our choice of clothing and equipment has let us down, but this year we think we nailed it, with exactly the right kit list for the whole family.

The advantage is that many of these products aren’t solely useful for skiing, but instead, fantastic products to tackle the English winter too. Especially for the kids!

Family Ski Holiday Kit List:


Being so young, keeping Ted warm was our number one priority. He spent most of the week wrapped up snug as a bug in his all in one Reima ski suit.  This was a life-saver considering the amount of snow we had in La Rosiere, France. It kept him warm (even at -12!) but he was also able to move easily in it, essentail when you’re learning to ski. The all in one zipped up quickly and easily over his base layers and kept him dry even in the deepest snow.

He also used the Reima ski jacket and the Reima mittens. These were great for the evenings when he still needed to be warm but when he wasnt actually in the snow. Both were have fabulous at keeping him warm and dry. The great thing about these products is that they are perfect for the UK winter too. During the entire eek’s holiday, Ted didnt once mention the temperature, meaning the Reima ski kit did an outstanding job.


Prior to this ski trip, I was unaware of the skiwear at Blacks. But, sure enough, they have a great range, stocking some top brands. Jen HAS to be kept warmer than most due to her auto immune disease. But as a novice skier she also needed something that was suitable for her to wear during her ski lessons. She wore a Jack Wolfskin long coat with a wonderfully big collar that could be pulled up high around her neck. The zip can be moved from both ends of the jacket meaning she was free to crouch and be comfortable as she was taught the various ski positions. Filled with down, it managed to keep a woman that is literally always cold, warm! Top marks Blacks!

Louis is a keen skier and even managed to hit the black slopes this year. When we ski we like to ski for hours at a time. One day we skied from France into Italy. We left at 10 and didnt return until 4, so choosing kit that can keep him warm, even for long periods in freezing tempertaures, was essential.

His skiwear was also from Blacks. He had a full strip from Dare2b. Matching jacket & salopettes kept him warm and dry on the slopes. Plus, being bright orange & blue means he’s easy to locate when on the slopes. As the parent, it really helps if you can choose clothing that means you are able to easily track your child. It takes the stress away when the slopes are busy.


There’s few things more miserable than having cold feet. Which means, when you’re in the snow, you need decent socks! We got ours from Bridgedale. We all wore them everyday and I didnt get one complaint of cold feet! In a week! at -12 degrees! It’s hard to get too excited about socks, but the performance of the Bridgedale socks was fantastic. Don’t underestimate their importance for a moan-free ski trip with children.


What with the threat of Jen’s auto-immune disease hitting at any point, we had to make sure that Jen was thoroughly warm at all times – often the disease will start with her feet and so having some extra warm & dry boots was super important. These boots from Bogs, were easy to get on and off over the two pairs of ski socks she wore and the tread meant there was no slipping and sliding on the ice. These really were a great choice of boot for the weather conditions.



In the past, we’ve been caught out, and Louis and I found ourselves sunburned. Only the once though! We very quickly leart from our mistake. From that moment on, we realised that good protection from the sun is essential – especially when you’re taking the kids!

Coola gave us spray, cream & lip salve to make sure that we were well guarded – and it did just that. Despite the first 48 hours being a complete white out, the remaining days gave us brilliant (& hot) sunshine. It was crucial that we were protected and Coola did a great job of keeping us safe. Louis and Jen suffer from chapped lips even during the British winter months so the lip salve really is on our essentials list.


If you think you need a lot of gear to go skiing without kids, you haven’t seen anything yet. The amount of clothing & equipment is really quite something when you have your children with you. Which means, you need excellent luggage bags!

This Thule bag is was used for both of the children. We managed to get all of Louis’ & Ted’s clothing & equipment in this 1 bag, with only a tiny amount of sitting on the bag to zip it up!

The fact this bag can be split into 2 compartments was also really useful – we had 1 section for skiwear & equipment, and the other for Apres Ski clothes. Our luggage was safe and secure and well protected. We will definitly be buying additional items from the range.


Gloves!!! It feels like it’s glaringly obvious, but the right gloves are so important. This is an area of equipment that I wouldn’t ever recommend scrimping on – get the best gloves you can afford because it makes a world of difference.

All of our gloves came from DaKine and they really were outstanding at keeping the family warm and dry. Louis, Ted and I went for mittens, which are apparently warmer, and they certainly went a long way to proving that rumour. These mittens also came with inner lining gloves which were great to use when not skiing; really useful.

Jen had the DaKine leather gloves and were superb at keeping her warm! I cannot tell you how cold Jen gets. Even at home during the Winter. So to find a glove that beat the -12 degree temperature is a miracle.

DaKine also gave us 2 bags to use on the slopes. A rucksack is an absolute must when you go skiing with kids because, as I’m sure you know, kids need a lot of things to hand.

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Sun cream
  • Lip salve
  • The spare scarf
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses and/or goggles

It’s also an essential item for clipping ski boots, snow boots, helmets & goggles on. Making the whole experience so much easier.

Mainline Menswear

I was fortunate enough to be sent a North Face jacket from Mainline Menswear. I don’t need to spend a long time telling you how good North Face clothing is, we all know it’s top notch, but what I do want to express is that Mainline Menswear offer a fantastic range of North Face clothing amongst many other top brands. I adore this coat. I wore it all week and I will continue to wear it all year. Its warm, without the bulk, which, as the donkey carrying the equipment of three others, is essential!

The above are all items that we feel are crucial for your family ski trip, but that list isn’t extensive. Below, you can find all the other items that you’ll need to keep your child happy whilst on the slopes.

  • 1 x snow boots
  • 1 x hat (remember they’re in helmets on the snow so this is only really for apres-ski time)
  • 2 x base layers (ideally merino wool – they’re by far the best. Breathable and warmer than anything else)
  • 7 x ski socks (again merino is best if possible) (less if you have washing facilities)
  • 1 x salopettes
  • 1 x jacket
  • 2 x fleece or suitable extra layer
  • 1 x goggles
  • 1 x pocket sunscreen with lip protection too
  • 2/3 x trousers/leggings for après-ski
  • 2/3 x long sleeved tops
  • 2/3 x jumpers
  • 1 x slippers for the chalet as the floor can get cold
  • 1 x pyjamas
  • 1 x dressing gown
  • Lots of pants!
  • 7 x socks

We were lucky enough to have had an incredible family ski holiday this year. Being able to enjoy the slopes and the snow as a family was a dream come true. We were in a beautiful location, with awesome slopes and amazing facilities. But to enjoy all that we needed the right clothing and equipment, and after 6 years of ski trips I belive that this year we got it spot on.

If you’re going on a family ski holiday and would like to ask any questions about clothing, equipment or any of the above then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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