Fans defend Gino D’Acampo after he’s slammed for ‘creepy’ photo in bed with daughter

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  1. steven williams

    If you look at this photo of a father and a daughter and think anything else,or see anything else,other that what it is,a dad and his little angel that are cuddling(cwtching where im from) then its you with the problem,its you with the issuse.

  2. steven williams

    People who look at this photo and see anything else than what it is,you need to talk a look at yourself,have a word with yourself maybe stick your own head down the toilet,flush it, give yourself a slap or 2 to boot,then look at it again.if you still see something wrong with it, march yourself to the nearest doctor and get yourself some help,do it quickly before they sell the nhs,off you pop, you sick weirdo’s

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