Turkey shortages coming this Christmas

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The UK is facing a “national shortage” of turkeys this Christmas causing shortages in supermarkets.

The chairman of the British Poultry Council, Graeme Dear has advised MPs that there is a “likelihood” of a shortage in the UK-produced meat, suggesting that the product may need to be imported from Europe.

Dear has said that the Poultry Council will do their “utmost to make sure that Christmas is as normal as it can be, but there is a likelihood that there will be a shortage-had we known back in June or July, that would have been fixed”.

Kate Martin of the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association (TFTA) said;  “It is the supermarket shelves that will be emptier on turkeys this year than they have been before because there have been fewer turkeys placed on the ground because the big processors know that they will not get them processed.”

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“I think everyone needs to get their orders in very quickly. We have seen an absolutely unprecedented number of orders come in. Come Christmas, if you leave ordering your turkey from your local farm supplier, you are going to be out of luck.”

As a parent, Christmas can be tough with all of the expectations of it being perfect for your kids.  Will the turkey shortage be affecting you? Are you worried that you won’t be able to get one for Christmas? With shops already selling out, will you be able to get one in time?


Let us know if you are worried down in the comment section below.

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