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Fathers angered by famous psychologist

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 16/06/2014


Dr Penelope Leach, the famous psycologist and author of a best selling book called “Your baby & Child: From Birth to Age Five,” which was published in 1977 so she’s pretty old, has just published another book in which she claims that it is damaging to children under the age of 5 to have ‘sleepovers’ at their father’s house, if their parents are separated. 

It’s probably best of you read this article. I could summarise it myself but, let’s face it, I won’t put it as well as trained, professional journalists. They use long words and less humour and stuff.

Adult’s rights ahead of children’s rights? Damaging to kids?

Obviously father’s rights groups are going mad at it. I want to know what The Dad Network readers think about it. 

Take a minute to leave a comment sharing your thoughts on it. It’s pretty controversial… 

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  1. martin

    I wonder what her mechanism is that she can measure the reduction in brain development of a child that sleeps over at their fathers!!? NO psychologist should make a sweeping blanket statement like that. There are millions of potential events and occurrences that shape a child of that age. Anyhow it says she is “famous” not “good”.

    • Al TheDadNetwork

      Hi Martin, thanks for your comment. I agree. It seems like it is a sweeping statement and very interesting how she has measured brain reduction that is linked to staying with their father.


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