Father’s Day Giveaway to Win a Knuma Huddle Bedside Cot

Within our network, we often get asked the question, ‘What do dads really want for Father’s Day?

Obviously the answers usually include items such as, drone, watches, man bags, BBQ equipment etc but one answer that you can always guarantee is, a lie in.

Despite what many people think, dads need sleep too.

Father's Day Giveaway to Win a Knuma Huddle Bedside Cot, Sleep Meme%, product-review%

I remember for the first 8 months of Ted’s life, he was effectively nocturnal. There were nights where he’d wake, up to 12 times and both my wife and I were utterly exhausted. Sleep deprivation is by far the hardest thing about parenting. So what better gift can you give a dad on Father’s Day, than a few hours extra kip in the morning.

We’ve teamed up, this Father’s Day, with Knuma, to give you the chance to win one of their award-winning Huddle cribs. (Obviously, the better the baby sleeps, the better you sleep too!)

A bit about the Knuma Huddle

Father's Day Giveaway to Win a Knuma Huddle Bedside Cot, Co sleeping crib award winner Knuma%, product-review%

It obviously not award-winning for nothing!

  1. The Huddle is multifunctional. It can be a bedside crib, a stand alone crib, a removable bassinet or a child’s desk and bench.
  2. It comes with it’s own bespoke, high quality mattress.
  3. Because of the multi-functionality, you can use this crib in so many ways whether you’re sleeping with your baby next to the bed or you need a crib to use around the house for nap times, it works.

Product Features

  • Soft, strong breathable mesh sides allow you to see your baby while they sleep.
  • Side can be lowered for easy access to your baby.
  • Frame is constructed from high quality beech / birch plywood.
  • Fabric mesh sides are wipe-clean and can be hand washed.
  • With 10 different heights the Huddle can be adjusted to suit almost any bed (up to 70cm) and attaches to divan or framed beds with secure straps which are provided.
  • Handy storage shelf ideal for blankets, soothers and sleep aids.
  • Base can be set to gently rock your baby to sleep or can be in static mode.
  • It is available in natural beech or painted white.
  • The perfect remedy to the concerns associated with traditional co-sleeping.

Sounds pretty decent, right?

Well, enter the giveaway to get your hands on one, for free, below.

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  • Alison Taylor 10th June 2016 Reply

    This is brilliant for safe bed sharing, staying close to babies, not missing feeding cues and building up close relationships with babies

  • would so love this x love the way you can have it right near my side of the bed x

  • This sounds absolutely perfect for our little one due in October, entered many thanks x

  • Catherine Whetton 12th June 2016 Reply

    This seems great for building strong relationships with your baby!!! I like the idea that it attaches to the bed

  • Kayleigh Parker 13th June 2016 Reply

    Brilliant just the perfect size to go down the side of the bed so you can just lean over and hold babys hand as most of the time thats all they want when they wake just to feel safe. Ahh bliss no having to get out of bed for a extra hour lol – Mum of 5 so i know what an extra 15 minutes sleep can do !

  • michelle hughes 13th June 2016 Reply

    We are pregnant with our rainbow baby – I breast feed and this would be amazing. this time round we ve got to have a c section so this would be much easier meaning I would be able to reach our daughter – she’s due October but will be delivered at 38 weeks – thank you

  • michelle hughes 15th June 2016 Reply

    Good Luck all x

  • Who won this lovely prize? :)

  • It is multipurpose and flexible item i love it too.

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