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What Dads Really Want For Father’s Day

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Published on 18/06/2015

Fathers day gift

Father’s Day can often be an odd day; it’s not quite a birthday but not everyone else is involved like at Christmas, yet it is still something worth celebrating. Over the past few years I have collected a number of weird and wonderful Father’s Day gifts, from one individual sock (we still don’t know what happened with the other one) to some very nice new golfing shoes. Yet, as much as I really appreciate these presents, I often feel a sense of guilt that there is this pressure on my children to spend what money they have on buying me gifts.

I quickly came to realise in my early years of fatherhood that in actual fact, the only gift I wanted for Father’s Day was to spend it with my family, the reason I was a father! Working during the week was always fairly tough because it quickly becomes clear how fast children develop while you’re not there so I would always enjoy the weekends where I could spend time with them.

Father’s day for me is simply another excuse to do something with my kids, and I am pretty sure there are a lot of Dads that feel the same. So here are some great ideas for things that can bring the family together this Father’s Day:


As Father’s Day falls in June it is often the prime time for a BBQ (British weather permitting). This can be a very low key affair, or it is often nice to get family, friends and other dads round for an afternoon. It’s a great way for everyone to have a nice time; as well as trying out the new barbeque if you haven’t already. I have tried out a few Hairy Bikers recipes but their Southern Style Chicken Wings were by far the best, a great way to impress the kids I found!

Pub Lunch

If the weather fails us this year, you can always take the barbeque inside or, like we did last year, just go out for dinner. As my children are getting older and less interested in us parents, I have found going out for a meal is a really good chance to speak to them. Without the distractions of the TV, pets, phones and toys at home I can catch up with them and my wife. As I am a big fan of different beers, we went to a local craft beer pub which was fantastic. It made a real difference that my family had put thought into where we went, even if it was last minute. If you go for this option, however, it may be worth booking in advance as other families might have the same idea!

Day Out

Depending on your budget there are some great days out and experience opportunities around. Groupon and Wowcher always have the latest offers; you can even search for specific locations if you want to do something close to home. There seems to be an opportunity for every interest and hobby, from football stadium tours to supercar racing to zombie experiences; so you are guaranteed to find something you could all enjoy together.

These are just a few ideas, every Dad and family is different so there are a whole host of opportunities to mention! If, however, a day out together isn’t possible or you still want to buy a great present, there are numerous fathers day gifts that could go with the aforementioned activities, or simply just as a gesture of affection to suit any personality.

For more gift-buying inspiration, there is also an excellent Father’s Day gift guide from The Dad Network here.

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  1. Silly Mummy

    Great activity ideas (though my OH is insistent he wants to stay in bed for Father’s Day!) #bigfatlinky

    • Al Ferguson

      Would any one? Hope he had a good day? What did you do for it?

  2. Angela at Daysinbed

    I feel the same on Mother’s day…. sending time with family is what it’s all about! We will be having a nice family meal together- me, my hubby and the daughter. Hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day!

    Angela from

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you Angela. Did you have a meal at home or out? We went for breakfast at Carluccios – a great start to the day :)

  3. Luke Strickland

    I agree that Father’s Day feels a bit strange – not quite a birthday and not like Christmas!! My best present was a Superman t-shirt last year :) Thanks for hosting the #bigfatlinky!

    • Al Ferguson

      Sounds good – what was your best present this year? i got some sports equipment for a half iron man i’m doing next weekend!!

    • Al Ferguson

      Sounds good – what was your best this year? I got sports stuff ready for a half iron man next weekend!!

  4. Sophie @ Mum, M & More

    Great ideas, and I hope that we can have a BBQ tomorrow and have some quality family time whilst doing so! :-) #bigfatlinky

    • Al Ferguson

      Did you manage the BBQ? It was lovely weather here :)

  5. Mummy Fever

    I wrote something similar for Mother’s Day – it seemed to me that lots of mums were asking for spa days and time without their children…. I don’t get that. All I wanted was the day with my family, no one else and a bubble bath when they were all tucked up in bed. #bigfatlinky

    • Al Ferguson

      Hope you got it? I had most of the day as family time but took a couple of hours out to go and have a swim in a lake in preparation for a half iron man next weekend! Wish me luck!!

  6. Emma's Mamma

    Great ideas! Spending time as a family is a much more lasting memory than a card or a gift. Unfortunately my hubby is working this Father’s day so we’re visiting granddad today instead! Happy Father’s Day for tomorrow!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. That’s a shame but I hope you had a nice day with Grandad?

  7. Rob

    Really good post. As a father of three, I spent a lot of time this week thinking about Father’s Day and ended up coming to a similar conclusion. It’s about the time we spend with our kids, not the flashy gifts and gadgets.

    • Al Ferguson

      What about a flashy gadget to play with the kids?

  8. Natalie / @diaryofuem

    My OH is working on Father’s Day, but I’ve promised him some good food on a day that he’s actually at home (a rarity), as you’ve proven – the way to a man’s heart is often through his stomach. I’m sure there will be some interesting gifts along the way as Oliver gets older though! Can’t wait for all that random stuff being brought home from school ;-) #bigfatlinky

    • Al Ferguson

      Absolutely agree! Please his stomach, please him!

  9. Kelly Edwards

    Great ideas, I’ve gone all out this year, but it’s my husband’s first… so feel that’s acceptable. But when she’s older, I think we’ll be going down the route of something handmade as I feel it means more!


  10. Sarah Howe

    The BBQ is usually our idea! Missed it this time as with the in-laws and weather rubbish! Hope you had a lovely time this year and got some QT with your children xx #bigfatlinky

    • Al Ferguson

      Shame about the weather, it was great here! Hope you still had a nice day? :)

  11. Michelle Wallace

    For holidays, I always ask my husband what he wants to do and he says BBQ. I always protest that he shouldn’t work on days like Father’s Day and he always looks so confused because he doesn’t think BBQing is work. lol.

    • Al Ferguson

      What did you go for? Ted got me some sports equipment for a half iron man I’m doing next weekend!

  12. International Elf Service

    I feel the same way as you about Mother’s day. The last thing I want is for our kids feeling pressured to buy something for me as they get older. I’m having trouble convincing them though – they’re still at the age where they like to make several cards each!

    • Al Ferguson

      Blimey! Several cards each?! At least they’re making them and not buying!

  13. Becster

    Our girl isn’t old enough to sort a Father’s Day Gift out yet so it’s up to me. This year I bought him a new Sheffield Wednesday shirt and also bought Little Miss a matching kit. Cost me a bloody fortune! If only he’d been happy with a pub lunch – which we also did!!

  14. Something Crunchy Mummy

    Great gifts and a great list of things to do. My husband loves a day with the family but after having them while I was at BritMums he chose to decorate haha #bigfatlinky

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