Fathers Day Pictures, Fathers Day Pic%, new-dad%

Fathers Day Pictures

Fathers Day Pictures, Fathers Day Pic%, new-dad%

Father’s Day is a celebration of dads and father figures. And that’s exactly what The Dad Network is all about; celebrating, supporting, encouraging and resourcing dads for doing the job of being dad as best as possible.

You may or may not know that we run a network of dads from all around the world. There’s nearly 1000 dads in the group and each and every one of them is a fantastic dad. This is a simple post in honour of all the members of that group. Many of them have sent in a photo of themselves with their baby or kids and so we’ve put them altogether in a slideshow.

[metaslider id=4558]

These Fathers Day pictures are a tribute to the millions of dads celebrating today. I wish you all a very happy Fathers Day!


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