Father’s Day, What do we want?… Or not want…

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Men, Dads, Granddads, Fathers, Uncles, we as a species are simple-minded cavemen.

We don’t need constant attention and when it comes to receiving gifts were not too fussed by this either, a simple bottle of ale would do me perfectly. Seriously I’m not bothered by gifts, I love it when I get them but spending time with son is the best gift.

It seems these little holidays through the year are aimed more for… Well you know…


But if you are one of the lucky blokes out there who does receive a gift on Father’s Day, here is a little list that you may want to drop into conversation. Subtly.

  1. Starting off with most men’s favourite, BEER, ALE, WHISKEY. For me its ale, I love to try out different ales from around the world and in GB itself, local breweries are my favourite, small microbreweries produce some fantastic drinks. Even if I were to get 3-4 unusual ales, would be perfect to me to crack open on fathers day. Even a cheeky cigar to go with it.
  2. Tech, who doesn’t love tech, gadgets and those things your partner says are a waste of money.
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    This is a large area to cover, so this is down to whatever it is you like and your budget of course.Games, drones, car racing, You may be lucky to get a nice Bose surround sound system…

    Ha, yeah right!For me would be anything camera related, but I know that’s not going to happen. You could jump on the bandwagon and get some FIDGET SPINNERS. That’s what I’ve asked for. They only cost £5 on the high street.

  3. Something else I find good; I received this about 2 years ago and still use it now. I got a BBQ apron with little slots for all the gear, salt and pepper and other spices, spatula holder, whistle, the works, and this came with a chef hat with the words, £10 to bare all. (Don’t ask!) I told we were simple minded; us dads get excited by these kinds of things.
  4. What about a nice a meal and some hanky panky. I mean, this isn’t going to happen, but that won’t deter me from adding it on to the wish list!
  5. What about a nice expensive leather wallet so we can keep all our receipts in from the days out shopping we hate so much? She keeps the things we buy and we keep the worthless bits of paper.
  6. Sunglasses. Not some cheap supermarket sunglasses but Oakley’s or Raybans. We may be un-cool when we wear our BBQ tool apron but once those glasses go on, nothing in the world matters. WE ARE KINGS OF BURNT MEAT!!
  7. A grooming set. When I say grooming I mean beard shampoo and oil, a beard comb, some nice hair wax, aftershave, moisturizer, shaving brush with soap, the full works.

    Remember that the women aren’t the only ones who need a pamper once in a while.

  8. Another favourite is from a website called, Journals of a Lifetime and this a bit of genius really.
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    Your son or daughter buys you a book. Like a scrapbook. Inside the book are lots of question and places to stick images. Once it is complete, you then hand it back for your kids to read and it’s all about your life.Quite a nice idea.Plus they do more so you can but grandpa one, uncle and other members of the family.
  9. National Trust membership for the family is another great idea.
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    One off payment or pay monthly and there you have it, a membership where you go out for days on the weekends and visit places all over the UK and Scotland. Big Manor houses and garden, animals, walks, picnics, nothing better. Only thing is, you may end up paying for this. But to me that doesn’t matter. What you’re really buying is quality time with the family.
  10. The Ultimate coffee machine! Something that brews your coffee ready for you getting up in the morning. Now, all we need to go with that is the ultimate full English breakfast machine, can you think of one???
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So that’s my list. The basics of simple gifts that we dads would love.

Now, what don’t we want, there are lots of cliche gifts out there so here they are:




Yes there necessary, but you get these for Christmas and birthdays already; come on we don’t need them all the way through the year.

Anyway, good luck for whatever you receive, whatever you buy or whatever you make. The essence of Father’s Day is about showing dads that they’re loved so however, that happens, it doesn’t really matter :)

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