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Fathers reveal how The Dadsnet is their “lifeline”

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Published on 26/04/2019

The Dadsnet offers real support, encouragement and a guide to fatherhood.

It was when Adam Walker was finding it hard to get his twins to sleep that he went online and came across The Dadsnet – but little did he realise it would become his parenting lifeline.

The Dadsnet is one of the UK’s leading Dad support networks and a place for ordinary Dads to get advice from each other on all things parenting. Mr Walker, a dad of three, is just one of the thousands of members who support each other through the trials and tribulations of fatherhood.

As well as being an online support network, The Dadsnet has various local groups on Facebook which gives dads the opportunity to meet up with others locally. Each local group is run by volunteers, who organise social meet ups, sports matches and days out with the kids.

“I have had lots of struggles as a parent and going to The Dadsnet and writing a post has helped me massively.”

Adam Walker, 31
Adam Walker with his twins

“I asked about sleep training for my twin boys, I got everybody giving me what they did – from the routine taken to how long to let them cry.

I did my own thing with a little bit of everything they said thrown in, and in three weeks I had my twins sleeping through the night.

Without the help of other dads and how they did it, I wouldn’t have had the courage or knowledge on how to start.

The Dadsnet is a place to talk privately among dads about relationships breaking down, from cheating and to dealing with money.

Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, it is more than just a Facebook group. The group alone has prevented countless male suicides through the support of ordinary dads coming together and helping a brother out.”

Adam Walker, 31

‘I wanted to be the best dad I could be’

Ben Lewis, who has a three-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter, turned to The Dadsnet before his first child was born.

Ben Lewis runs the Hull Facebook Dadsnet group

“When I found out I was expecting my first I turned to the internet for general advice.

My son’s mother already had an older daughter and so she knew the parenting world but I didn’t know quite so much, and I wanted to be the best dad I possibly could be so I did as much research as I could do.

I wanted to get as much advice from as many dads as possible and on The Dadsnet there is always someone with an answer.”

I’ve found the support network invaluable over the past few years.

Anything that I’ve ever needed to know, day or night and get a response, it’s been the best thing in terms of parenting that I’ve ever had.

For example, if my son didn’t like a certain food, I’d put a post in their closed group and ask for suggestions. They then gave various tips and hints that I may have overlooked.

It’s very good in terms of getting support from other dads on how situations have been dealt with in the past. It’s been brilliant for myself.

I would have struggled without having the knowledge that I know now from The Dadsnet.”

Ben Lewis Hull’s Local Leader

Wanting to connect more with local dads, Ben recently set up the Hull Dadsnet Facebook closed group which he is slowly building up.

‘I felt like I was winging being a parent’

Adam Mcgregor felt like he was ‘winging’ it at parenting 

Adam Mcgregor, 34, discovered the group about four months ago when his son Ethan was two months old.

“I felt like I was “winging” being a parent. I joined The Dadsnet for help and advice and I got more than that. I got a group of men connected only because they have children coming together for each other.

I’ve seen suicidal dads being talked down and supported by the network. I’ve seen dads struggling with their relationships being given a bit of advice and they have turned around a bad situation.

I’ve been stuck in a rut myself, fitness wise and friendship wise. Now, I play football every week with the Dadsnet kickabouts that we do, making new friends and shedding a bit of the “dadbod”.

Ethan was struggling with weaning and I got advice off the page on what to try etc, and now you can’t stop him eating!”

Adam Mcgregor

Want to join your local group? You can find your nearest one on our website.

You can become a member of The Dadsnet Closed Group here!

Thanks to the Hull Daily Mail for the original article.

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