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February is the month of… Steak & Loving?

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By Natalie Cox

Natalie is a mother of 2, wife to be, cheese obsessed, advise giving pain in the backside. Her days include wiping bums, visiting soft plays and praying that no one naps after 11am. Freddie is 5 and suffers with cerebral palsy, Cooper is 2 and suffers with terrible toddlers. Both fabulous and completely different. Blogging to raise awareness for CP, to give advise and offer support for parents and grandparents who, well, need it!

Published on 12/02/2018

The month of February is here! That can only mean one thing, the most important day of the year is fast approaching…

You guessed it…

Pancake day!

The soft, sugary lemon, dreamy delights will soon be hitting our ceilings and warming our hearts! Are we the only ones who wait until Shrove Tuesday to have pancakes? It just wouldn’t feel right having them in mid May!

Let’s not forget Febs other important day; Valentine’s Day, in Stuart’s words,

“Another over commercialised day of the year”

From that, it’s obvious in our home it really is just the 14th February. We don’t celebrate it. Stu and I like to think our love and romance is shared each and every day of the year… sick bucket… yeah right!

The most romantic thing Stuart has done for me is definitely, without prompting, was when I came downstairs to flowers and a card saying we were going out for dinner. Babysitters sorted and everything.


He had forgotten to book a table, but we just about managed to get a table at a local Chinese (although he’d planned in his head a Thai).

I asked Stu to try and remember the most romantic thing I’d done for him:

“The most romantic thing Natalie’s ever done for me, erm, bought me a Rolex. Oh no wait that hasn’t happened. Erm you aren’t really very romantic. You did throw me a surprise 30th party but that’s not romantic that’s just nice. Can’t think of anything!”


In all seriousness, we will probably get each other a card, and he will probably get me a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. Maybe we’ll make an extra special effort to only watch one episode of Homeland and go to bed for some loving, rather than binge watch TV until one of us falls asleep on the sofa (usually Stu).

From the point above, Stu’s extended opinion on v-day is as follows:

“Another over commercialised day to fill in retailers between Christmas and Easter. You go to good restaurants and get crap food off a set menu, not their usual decent one. It’s rubbish. Is there anything romantic about it anymore? I mean I don’t think you should have to be romantic because a date tells you to. I’m just consistently unromantic all the time.”

To conclude, I would say our joint opinion on Valentine’s Day is, other than a waste of money, it is more for the lady. To be wined and dined. That is why there is steak and BJ day now. Stu’s opinion on that is vastly different from v-day, I can assure you.

Until next time, Nat & Stu x

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