Feeling Rex for the first time

Literally, 10 minutes ago, we’re laying in bed watching the hilarious Jack Whitehall on Jonathan Ross and the following conversation happens:

Wife: Baby is going crazy tonight
Me: Well unzip the onesie and let’s have a feel
Wife: (Unzipping the onesie) Mute the TV and put your hand here
Me: Ok, tell me when you feel… (interrupted) THERE! I felt it! 
Wife: (Raucous laughter) 
Me: Stop laughing, I wanna feel him again
Wife: I can’t. He just interrupted you with a kick. 
Me: Do you think he’ll do it again? 
Wife: No, he’s probably thinking, “I’ve done what you want, now leave me alone.” 
What an amazing thing. The first time a dad feels his baby. 17 weeks and 5 days old and he’s already kicking like Jack Wiltshire… 

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