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This is a guest post from Mike of Relish Coffee.
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Please visit Relish Coffee where you can find a 15% discount for the Dad Network by quoting DADNETWORK15 when you order.

Being a dad is very tiring. With all the teething, colds, bad dreams and long nights when they just want ‘mummy cuddles’, sleep is at a premium. My little one is not unique in making us tired!

Fortunately for me, my job is also my hobby and helps with this greatly: I roast coffee.

The caffeine in your daily cuppa provides an instant pick-me-up that can help you get on with your working day, especially when your little one has been restless all night.
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There are also many health benefits claimed for coffee.

Now, this is not going to be a preachy, judgemental article where I tell you to only drink Brazilian over Colombian beans or how Starbucks and Costa are evil and you should only buy from an independent. Coffee is great and one of the great things about it is that it is versatile and individual. It is your choice what you like and it is your choice where you buy it.

I am also not claiming to know everything about coffee but I like to think I do know quite a bit about what I do!

I work for a small company called Relish Coffee Company, based in Whitley Bay, owned and operated by a fellow dad and great friend.

Together we took the journey to roast our own coffee, having previously worked for some of the biggest names in the coffee game in this country.

So what do we do? We take raw coffee in a green bean form (before it is roasted it is green), pop it in a rotating oven (roaster) and… wait!
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This is the basic way of getting the brown roasted beans you see on all the adverts.

After roasting and cooling the beans, we grind them and then do ‘cupping’, where we taste the coffee to discover its aroma, taste and aftertaste. It’s different for everyone but the process is quite similar to wine tasting (without the spitting out!). We believe in a slightly lighter roast as we feel this enhances the flavours.
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We are currently Roasting beans from four different countries: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Peru. Each has their own tastes and flavours.

More about the flavours and tastes are available on our site if you want to have a look at your leisure – there are quarterly blogs as well as our range of coffee.

As a thank you for reading, when you visit our site use ‘DADNETWORK15’ for a 15% exclusive Dad Network discount on our coffee!

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