First Day of Nursery | Why I couldn’t bring myself to accept it

first day of nursery

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Ted’s just gone off to nursery. He’s been going for 9 months now and it’s something I still havent got used to. It just doesnt feel right when he is not with us! The feeling I got as he left this morning reminded me of something I wrote when he had his first day of nursery back in January. To be honest, it’s probably taken me this long to bring myself to share it and face up to the fact that he is growing up!
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Anyway, this is what I wrote:

In two and a half years Teddy has never been left with anyone other than his grandparents, not with his aunties, his uncles, our best friends or his ‘godparents.’

Yet today we left him in the care of people we don’t even know, his new pre-school teachers.

It was a surreal moment and one that neither of us were ready for.

He spent an hour without us, but it felt like three. His teachers told us that he looked for snails, jumped on ice, played with dolls and enjoyed messy play.

We were thrilled he had such a great time, but ebven happier to have him back in our arms! We now have 4 days to recover before he goes again!

Next time for an hour and a half! As cliche as it is, I’m just not ready for this. He is still my baby. In my head he’s far too small to be going to pre-school. The two and a half years have gone way too quickly and my mind and my heart just cant keep up.

I simply cannot comprehend that my tiny baby boy is now ready for nursery. I’ve been lucky enough to spend so much time with him as a stay at home parent. And yet it doesn’t feel enough. It’s gone too quickly.

I’m just not ready for this! Will I ever feel ready?! I doubt it.

Slow down, Teddy!

Mummy and Daddy aren’t ready!

His first day of nursery now seems a world away. It’s just going too quick! Like his life is in fast forward mode. Is it just us that feels like this?
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