Five Delicious Low-Cost Summer Family Meals

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Summer is the perfect time to enjoy light, fresh meals with your family. But feeding a family doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are five delicious, low-cost summer family meals that are sure to please everyone at your table.

1. Masala Frittata with Avocado Salsa

A frittata is a versatile dish that can be made with a variety of ingredients. This Masala Frittata with Avocado Salsa is a delightful fusion of flavours. The masala spices add a warming touch, while the avocado salsa brings a refreshing element. Serve with a side salad for a complete meal.

2. Tuna, Spring Onion & Sweetcorn Fritters

These fritters are a great way to incorporate more fish into your family’s diet. Tuna is an affordable source of protein, and when combined with spring onions and sweetcorn, it makes for a tasty and nutritious meal. Serve these fritters with a side of mixed greens for a light and satisfying summer meal.

3. Smoky Sweet Potato & Bean Cakes with Citrus Salad

These hearty cakes are packed with fibre and protein, thanks to the sweet potatoes and beans. The smoky flavour is a nice contrast to the sweet potatoes, and the citrus salad adds a refreshing tang. This is a meal that’s sure to keep your family satisfied.

4. Butternut Squash Burgers

Swap out traditional beef burgers for these vibrant butternut squash burgers. They’re not only healthier but also budget-friendly. Serve these burgers on wholemeal buns with a side of homemade coleslaw for a meal that’s both nutritious and delicious.

5. Spiced Chicken Kebabs with Chopped Salad & Flatbreads

These chicken kebabs are a fun and interactive meal that the whole family can enjoy. The chicken is marinated in a mix of spices, then grilled to perfection. Serve the kebabs with a chopped salad and some warm flatbreads for a meal that’s full of flavour and texture.


These meals are not only delicious and budget-friendly, but they’re also quick and easy to prepare, making them perfect for busy summer days. So, why not give them a try? Your family is sure to love them!

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