Reply To: What do you guys do to unwind?


At the end of a long stressful day with a house full of toddlers 2-4yr olds.. I have started using CBD products to relax. Whilst the effects are much milder than illicit cannabis, legal CBD definitely does alleviate stresses and tension built up from the busy day. Once the kids are asleep and my wife is home from work I will either use oral oil drops or i will roll a CBD cigarette and go for a ten minute walk around the estate, the light exercise, fresh air, silence of the night and calming effects of the cbd really help draw a line under a hard. When i get back to the house i will usually watch some television with the missus before the relaxing effects of the cbd helps me drift into a nice early night. CBD promotes an invigorating sleep andni usually wake up earlier than the kids and with an abundance of energy. Are any other dads doing the similar? Ive been qcquiring the cbd from because you get a nice discount and its free delivery too, every little helps.

Keep up the hard work dads, dont forget to take care of yourselves whilst taking care of everybody else!