Reply To: Things you wish you’d known..


The things I wish I knew before were Theres no instruction manual!!!
Whilst the mrs was on mumsnet and other mummy websites wanting to buy this that and everything else for our kids you dont need to compete or to buy things you ‘think’ are essential because everyone has the latest gadgets… basic essentials, think about longevity of items. We had 3 prams at one point. Each different but just stupid because you have zero room left. Dont be shy of hand me down stuff either from friends and family. Dont get me wrong you wouldnt accept anything falling to pieces or grubby but do take time to see what’s on offer it could save you a fortune in the long run. Yea most of your gear you’ll need to buy brand new but dont be to snobby to say no to a free car seat even if it puts you on till you get a new one. Yes you’ll need to be new ones as they grow..

Good luck!