Reply To: Getting your baby to sleep


It’s been a hectic adventure for us. Our boy is 10 months old and it’s been phase after phase. During good phases he would sleep from 7:30PM to 11PM then to 3-4AM and finally wake up around 7-8AM and in bad phases he wakes up every hour. Currently he’s seriously teething and he’s waking up hourly and even though he’s “easy” to reassure and put back to sleep, it’s awful for us.

My wife works at a daycare and has read almost everything there is to read and we’ve set a routine for putting our boy to sleep : food, pyjama, story, lullaby and sleep and he falls asleep easily with our help but we haven’t found a way to get him through the night.

Her views are centered around positive parenting and being the softest and gentlest possible but I have a more “oldschool” vision that wants to try sleep training as that’s what all the people from the previous generation have told me works best so I tend to trust the people who’ve “seen it all” rather than the “new age gurus” who try to sell books.

At this point we are trying to have only me going to see our kid during the night to help him with his maternal separation because when mommy goes, she has to breastfeed him or else it’s hell and then she needs half an hour to get him to sleep, but when I go it’s usually a 5 minute ordeal, but having to do it every hour recently is really tolling especially when working full time.

I’m open to any tips and techniques that were efficient to get a “frequently waking baby” to shift to “12-hour sleep baby”!