Reply To: Getting your baby to sleep

Tom Brookes

Curious to know why you think getting a baby into a routine as soon as poss as a negative thing?
Both my boys have been sleeping through the night (at least 12 hours every night) since they were 8 weeks old. We kept to a few simple rules.. bath and bed at same time every night.. the last feed before bed is the only feed done upstairs and on our bed (also make it a larger feed). when they’ve napped during the day we never make it dark or turn the tv down or stop hoovering or any other normal chores etc.. naps are also always in the moses basket/cot or wherever they would normally sleep.. also with naps wake them up with a bottle instead of putting them to sleep after a bottle.. We have stuck to these simple hacks for he whole ‘baby’ period, our youngest has just turned 1 and our oldest is 7 they both always sleep a minimum of 12 hours every night and are both the happiest of boys. Everyone says we’re lucky however I believe it’s down to our routines in turn making a very happy home. Interested to see the flip side of people’s thoughts..