Reply To: Which Pushchair?


We’ve got the Jane Matrix Trider system. We were looking for a 3 wheeler that was fairly robust. The matrix also offered complete system with lie flat car seat, which was big selling point.

It’s probably bulkier and heavier than some on the market but not obscenely. Very easy to use and unfold, just click and go.

Wouldn’t recommend if you’re looking to use it for hopping on and off busses or public transport. But if you’re after a solid bit of kit that’ll last through the family I think it’s great.

Goes off road easily if you’re that way inclined, smooth and comfortable to push.

Can be bulky even when taken apart but never been too much of an issue if you’re packing in the boot with the bits off for a trip.

• lie flat car seat (iSo fix)
• very robust
• will take a beating
• 3 wheels
• easy to manoeuvre & use

• not much under buggy space
• pushchair attachment can be a little too laid back
• doesn’t fold down well for public transport

For us it’s been perfect,
The whole system clocks in around 500 if you can find a deal on. without the iso base which set us back another 120

It’s lasted 3 years of abuse and will get us through the next one without issue I reckon