Reply To: Under 5’s Watching More Online Video Than Ever Before


My son is 3, he will have 30 minutes in the morning on his tablet while my husband gets ready for work, when they’re ready, they will sit and play with toys before our son goes to nursery. He will then about 30/45 minutes when I get home from work and getting dinner ready.

The TV is on, but most of the time he is playing with toys, watching his other daddy paint, up the garden with us or running around. He no longer has naps, but will have a little down time with the tv, this is generally with Blippi from YouTube.

We agree TV is not the best solution, but I don’t see it as harm as long as it’s restricted and monitored. There are plenty for kids to be doing, but a lot of it down to parents either having the time, due to having to work full time, or parents being lazy and not interacting with their kids.