Reply To: Girls reaching puberty


Morning Dominic, your post came up as I was checking out dadsnet. So I created an account to reply to you. I’m a single dad of 4, 2 boys and girls. I have a 15 daughter and a 10 daughter. The puberty thing is covered pretty well in schools these days but I’d suggest asking if there’s questions or perhaps an aunt they’re drawn to or similar to may be run them through things they might need. I kinda said to my eldest just ask me for toiletries and I’ll get them for you. It didn’t need specifics if you get my meaning. As far as recognising when she was menstruating etc it was easy to think she was having a moment and not think ahh I know what that is. It gets easier and I quite often used to pop to the shop and grab her a fruit smoothie and some chocolate or something comfort food related. One more top tip. Have a hot water bottle under the sink. You’d be amazed how wandering in to her room with one of those makes them feel better and that you know but you don’t have to say anything. Hope that helps and I didn’t misunderstand your post. Regards aj