Reply To: Taking toddler to football match

Darryl Hood

I took my son to his first game, during pre-season.

Firstly,I wanted to make sure he saw a nailed on win! Which, somehow, the mighty Ipswich managed to achieve…

Secondly, after the game, one of the players, Andre Dozzell came over, signed my boy’s shirt and posed for a picture with him – shock of shocks, Andre’s old man and Ipswich legend Jason appears next to me and posed with us as well – best day ever!

Anyway, to answer your point, I would say 17 months is waaaaaaaaaaay too young. My lad was 4 going on 5 and keeping him on focus was borderline. With the weather as what it is now, I’d deffo hold fire for the time being. You don’t need to rush this and it’ll be a natural thing. Let it take it’s own sweet time!