Reply To: Slow cooker


This isn’t a recipe insofar as it will give you a good meal, BUT I think it’s pretty much the best way to do something to onions! All you have to do is cut up a whole load of onions, put them in the slow cooker with a big hunk of butter, some salt and a little bit of sugar, and then cook them on low for 10 hours or so. Give them a mix around every 3 hours, and then at the end you have the BEST caramelised onions ever for sandwiches, quiches, hotdogs… whatever!

Also there is a book by Sara Lewis called Ultimate Slow Cooker and it has LOADS of excellent recipes in it – we cook a cobbler and a beetroot and bean dish out of that all the time.

Final point, a lot of people say the slow cooker is only suited to meat dishes, but that isn’t true! You can make really great bean stews, or sticky boston-style beans, veg cobblers, even cakes and deserts in them! We love the slow cooker…