Reply To: Welcome to The DadsNet forum


Hi All,

Thank you for accepting me into your community. my reason for joining is in hope to discuss and listen to dads in a similar position to myself.

A Background on me:
I am a 30 year old dad of 2 amazing boys, I work full time, study part time and have 50% (if not more) contribution into my sons lives, this covers financial support, education, development, and above all TIME. since the separation between me and my wife 2 years ago I have found the struggle to be ever increasing to continue to keep it together.

My current situation is that I live between 3 houses (2x friends and 1 Family). I feel there is minimal if any support for fathers in my position. I have applied for a council property and have been put at the bottom of the pile and only allowed to seek a studio or one bedroom property, as you can imagine this has created major upset for me and resulted in my taking my case to the local MP in seek of answers to the lack of support given to full time working dads.

I have been reluctant to but am thinking about a GoFundMe page to help -yes myself but also others in my situation get into stable housing so that we can continue to be role models to our kids and have the space to develop there brilliant minds and create long lasting memories.

Any friend, inputs & support would be great as this is a project that I have been perusing entirely on my own.

Keep it strong fellow fathers, remember your awesome and together we will eliminate the long standing mentality of ‘part time fathers’