Reply To: 3 Girls and want a boy

Edward Kenny

My wife is one of 5 girls. My father in law being a massive City fan and having played semi professional in his youth, longed for a boy and tried 6 times (the final leading to the loss of another girl in late stages). Enough was enough and they stopped. Now aged from 27, 16, 14, 12 and 10. They all to are massive football fans (though not all City supporters) and my wife even played for the womens island team. Not everyones motives for wanting a boy are sport related, but i think its totally normal for men to want a boy and women a girl. The reason i believe is that we see it as a ‘mini me’ that we can mould to be like us. However as my father in law discovered l, this is the case regardless of gender and i cannot begin to tell you how much my wife is like her father right down to their twisted sense of humour :)