Reply To: Pregnancy after still born

Pete M

We lost little Jessica at 30 weeks on December 4th 2016. It was the most heart wrenching experience of our lives. As I’m sure you know, nothing but time really helps. We still light a candle for her every night.
We were both committed to having children, and got pregnant again very soon after. A couple of months ago, we celebrated little Eva’s first birthday.
I’m not sure if I can offer any help in coping until the little one makes an apperence. We had a basic post mortem that didn’t flag up anything obvious, so we just treated the second pregnancy as normal as possible. As we approached 30 weeks we got a little more anxious, to the point where during a routine check up, my partner was so anxious that they decided to induce her a couple of weeks early.
So my advice would be to try and enjoy the pregnancy as much as possible, and I hope you both get to hold your little one and enjoy parenthood as much as I do.