Reply To: Owlet Smart Sock 2 – Baby Monitor | Sponsored

Ash Humphries

I have been testing the owlet smart sock 2 for a couple of days now. When the box arrived it was neatly packaged with clear instructions. You receive 3 socks to follow with your babies growth.
When opening the box you receive a pod, 3x socks, 2 usb charger cables one to a 2 pin plug and another to attach to the sock. Also a manual and reference guide. Charging time seems quick but I left mine overnight prior to first use (also seems to last a couple of days before needing a ‘re charge).
Set up was quick and very easy! All instructed by the downloadable app that works with the owlet smart sock 2.
Our first night we got the sock on perfectly by following along to the video supplied on the app. Put the baby down for her sleep and I was amazed! This is hands down better that any monitor we have, it monitors your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate. The sock didn’t seem to disturb my baby either.
My only downside to this is I could become addicted to looking at the heartbeat on the app. As I found it really interesting!

Overall I found the owlet smart sock 2, to be a brilliant addition to our nightime routine. It’s a great bit if kit and gives a great peace of mind aswell. I can imagine it would be alot more reassuring if your child has alot of illnesses ect.