Reply To: Owlet Smart Sock 2 – Baby Monitor | Sponsored

David Gaine

I have been testing the Owlet now for a few days on our 7 month old Georgina and in short – its a great bit of kit, and there were no complaints at all for my little one wearing it.

From the off, you can tell it is going to be a well thought out bit of equipment simply from the packaging…..

Set-up was incredibly simple with a walk through step by step with the app.

As someone who is keen to know that my daughter is safe and sound in her bedroom, this is a piece of equipment that offers you peace of mind at a glance.

I feel there could be a few additions in future hardware developments – possibly the ability to know the temperature / humidity in the room, and with further updates the possibility to use the base station as a linked baby monitor as these are pieces of equipment that are in the room of any baby using the Owlet…..

I would highly recommend this to friends and family for complete peace of mind for you little one.