Reply To: Co Sleeping – The Big Bedshare Experience

KD Richards

My partner is breast feeding, it’s happened a few times where she has fell asleep with my daughter on her for about half hour. But 4 week ago my daughter hit the 4 month regression and she wakes up every hour now and last night my partner had a rough night I was up and out the house for 5 for work and she put my daughter in my place and for the first time in 4 week she slept for 4 hours straight. I personally don’t think there’s much of a problem so long as precautions are taken ie pillow at both sides so can’t roll out of bed and doesn’t roll into my partner also sleep facing baby it’s harder to roll forward in your sleep than back. But we will see how it goes, if she sleeps every time I go to work in my space and has a good 4 hours that’s got to be better for them both surely