Reply To: PTSD help


don’t get me wrong I understand there’s a major life adjustment having a baby but to feel crappy about the birth and feel out of control because you can’t take there pain away or to get the really crap images out of your head isn’t fair. The surgery was so messed up and they waited 20 mins before taking our son away to neo but we weren’t able to see him or anything as a massive team of people came in and worked on our LO. he’s amazing but you still can’t help the feeling of being lost and just a bit deflated because of the whole thing. I feel let down by the NHS andnd I’m scared to have another child with what happened to my wife and I. I couldn’t go through all the truama again. I know it sounds selfish but I’m to frightend as I nearly lost my little man in the labour.

Ps you guys who have replied thank you for your support and experiences. Please email me and we can chat as I’ll set up a what’s app group to chat also