Reply To: Divorce

Luke Wagstaffe

Hey Stewart!
Sorry to hear what you’re going through mate, I’m 27 and going through exactly the same thing although she is still living in the property, not me. I’ve had to go through court and I’ve suggested a clean break being 50/50 as that’s what we bought it as. The ex is now telling the court that she wants the whole house transferred to her name and is basically trying to take everything she possibly can from me. Due to us not agreeing I had to go down the court route but I’m not sure how that’ll go due to courts often favouring the woman. I’ve been to court already for childcare arrangements and have 50/50 custody which goes in my favour in the sense I need to put a roof over my daughters head and with her keeping the property I’m unable to do that!

In your situation I’m not sure if you’ve considered court and putting your argument across to them maybe, but it is risky and was a last resort for me if I’m honest.
It gets me down how everyone favours the woman, it’s 2022 and men don’t have a leg to stand on it seems grossly unfair!