Reply To: Postnatal/Postpartum depression in men


Hi I am currently being treated for PTSD and depression after the birth of my son 5 and half months ago. My wife and I were going through a normal birth and boom all of a sudden things turned really bad. So ended up with emergency c section and then my son being taken from theater to neo natal.he wasn’t breathing and had a very poor heart rhythm, so I found it very difficult to cope with anything, I ended up off work and putting so much pressure cand strain onto my wife and it was really unfair to do but I didn’t know what was going on in my brain. But I have been going to counciling regularly and I feel it’s really helping. Speaking to someone totally neutral I found was the best. But also my wife and letting her know I’m still here and willing to do anything. Yes I have bad days but she knows when I’m not me and when I’m out of sorts. Always happy to speak

Drop me a mail and can easy email or chat on the phone

Hope you are well