Reply To: Is Private School worth it?

Dave Forber

Having been to a private school, my take on it is “yes and no”. I genuinely don’t think the quality of teaching is really any better. The difference is the quality of student. Please don’t take that to mean “posh kids are better”, or “privately-educated kids are all bright kids” because I don’t. There is still bullying, and there are still all the issues of a state school. However, I found:

* The kids are more willing to learn. I think that’s mainly due to parents having leverage over them — if the don’t want to learn, why pay for them to go there?
* The class sizes are smaller. That makes a huge difference.
* The parents have more leverage over the school. I remember my dad telling the school I could have been bullied for free at the local comprehensive; the school dealt with it.

Whether it’s worth it? I don’t know. I feel I probably had a better time at a private school than a state one. I have thought twice about whether I should be sending my kids to a state school (they are both going to a state school).

I think if I had the money I would consider it. But, as I say, I don’t think the teaching is any better. Private schools score better because of other factors.