Reply To: Wife has zero intrest in me.

Stuart Hanson

Sounds a bit like my current relationship however I am in the process of separation and waiting for offers on the house before we can both afford to move away.
I guess for whatever reason you are not communicating with each other in an effective way. Have you thought about you and you actions etc to see if they could be the reasons for her behaviour.

I didn’t get what I needed from my wife and as a result would have a few cans of beer most nights as it numbed the pain a little but then this habit started to drive her crazy so she withdrew a little more…. and it became a cycle over many years.

Couples therapy led me to determine that actually we aren’t very compatible but I wouldn’t instigate separation as we have 2 children together and the thought of not seeing them every day really hurts.

The longer it goes on the worse it’ll get but now you could try therapy, discover what she needs from the relationship and if it is unrealistic or unreasonable then you’ll know what to do.

Date nights, cooking favourite meals together etc are good ways to talk without sitting at opposite ends of a table like its a job interview

Stay strong!