Reply To: 2nd class citizens


2 things toolbelt.

1: This experience should never be about you. But since your frail ego can’t seem to handle that…

Congratulations on putting your pee-pee in a vagina until climax. Might I offer you a beverage? Perhaps a tea?

2: If you were there for the missus… ACTIVELY there for the missus, you wouldn’t “feel invisible” you’d be too concerned with her to care.

Every hospital I’ve ever been to I acknowledge my role as support for the patient.

To encourage, make sure they know they aren’t alone, to help with pain, fear, and boredom.

If I want a tea, I get it for myself. I ask the patient if they want something.

The hospital staff has always treated me with kindness. They were accommodating, and complimentary. (Compliments make me uncomfortable)

It’s obvious you’re somewhat of a selfish jerk. Because you take a time when your wife is in great pain, she’s scared, she’s anxious, she’s pushing a human out of her body… and you make a point to draw attention to how you were deprived of attention.

“Like I didn’t have a right to be there supporting my missus”

What in the passive-aggressive, in no way did you actually feel this, narcissistic, self-prescribed, victimhood is this bullshit?

I hope this child matures you.