Reply To: 2nd class citizens

Sammy Fillan

2nd class citizen you are indeed, but only because of how you behaved, like a member of a lower class of human beings.

I’m not surprised that you kept this post anonymous, unprecedented levels of selfishness. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it.

In that room there was a woman, performing what I believe to be nothing short of a miracle, presumably there were midwives and other medical staff working their assess off to make sure your lass and baby boy get through the incredibly complex, painful, stressful awesome situation that is childbirth, for which they get paid (not nearly enough) by the tax and national insurance that WE ALL pay. And then there was you, sitting in the corner, sulking like a fucking child because no one offered you a cup of tea…. Get your own stuff you lazy twat!

I didn’t think people like you actually existed. I genuinely hope that your son grows to be a kind, thoughtful, selfless human being, by actively trying to be the opposite of his useless, shit cunt of a father.