Reply To: 2nd class citizens


Was there not a cafeteria at your hospital?
Vending machines?
Are you wheelchair bound or have some other disability that would stop you from GETTING OFF YOUR OWN ASS to fetch your own cuppa tea?
Or is your ego and entitlement so inflated that you believe a nurse whose primary goal is medical care to your laboring wife, should stop what she’s doing to wait on you? Those nurses spent several years attaining an education on medical care, not to be a server or wait staff.

Sure, you can argue that they should have acknowledged you, but did you take a look to see how many other women were in labor? Maybe they had a fetal demise the same day and we’re tending to a grieving family.
Possibly, the nurses were fighting to keep a mother alive who had ruptured mid labor.

But, I have a huntch that despite all that you still feel entitled to someone waiting on you instead of getting your own refreshments.

I feel bad for your wife.