Reply To: Help need with the situation I’m in.


How is this at all a helpful response? People want to have to sex, and men have far fewer options for birth control that don’t reduce the pleasure of sex or involve permanent sterilization (rather counter productive to becoming a father). Education/research doesn’t always result in people making the right choice. All the research shows that being overweight or obese is incredibly unhealthy, and yet people continue to eat large amounts of animal products, scoff down donuts and have a workout routine consisting of walking to the fridge and lifting the tv remote. Perhaps we would be better off as a society holding men AND women equally responsible for birth control, and requiring consent to become a father. If a woman tells a man she can’t get pregnant, perhaps he is silly to believe her, but she still clearly lied and should be responsible for the consequences, particularly when she has far more methods of bc including the right to an abortion, adoption, etc, none of which he has. Should the food industry not be held responsible for telling people that animal products and processed crap is good for them, paying off research teams to publish poorly designed studies? Or is it all the fault of overweight/obese people because they can’t lose the weight with a diet of poison that they’ve been told is good for them, who is the real culprit here?