Reply To: Hello, Happy Longtime Dad Here


Thanks man. Hey I’m not perfect just lucky. I’ve been there, been with the girls who will say they can’t get pregnant due to this or that medical thing, or claim to be on the pill but routinely forget to take it, I’ve had some close calls but luckily found the woman of my dreams on the other side, without dragging child support payments along with me.

I remember what it was like to be young and horny, it irks me and my wife when young men are told just to not have sex or wear a condom, when young women have so much more control over whether or not they get pregnant, it’s quite a double standard. There are so many other options for birth control than just abstinence or condoms though, many of which can be combined to be nearly 100% effective: It starts with finding a woman who also takes birth control seriously, and understands why men would be wary of trusting her to take a pill every day, not to mention the side effects of hormonal birth control.

Anyways, thanks for the welcome, and no worries you don’t have to agree/disagree with anything, I say enough controversial things for 2 people ;)