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Yeah he’s thinking with the wrong head, we’ve already established that. He shouldn’t just trust that women are telling him the truth/behaving rationally when they say they can’t get pregnant, but she did blatantly lie to him, it happens all the time in unhealthy relationships. You’re still talking as though he tied these women up and impregnated them against their will, as though these women didn’t have a dozen different options to avoid becoming pregnant and another 3-4 options to avoid taking care of the child regardless of the will of the reluctant father.

I’m not making the argument that op is a perfectly responsible adult who couldn’t have prevented this from happening. I’m making the argument that women have the vast majority of bc options, and are not required to be financially or otherwise responsible for a child. Why should men be held financially responsible for what happens in a woman’s body, when women aren’t even held responsible for it financially or otherwise? Scores of men have been thrown in prison after failing to pay unreasonable child support, often when they lose a source of significant income through no fault of their own. If you want society to continue to hold men responsible for pregnancies, then it’s time we started holding women responsible as well. That means no more medically unnecessary abortions (especially without the fathers consent), no more legal abandonment of the child by the mother, and no more adoptions without the father’s consent.

That’s the world we would live in if you want to be logically consistent with your argument. Do you really want to live in that world? I don’t, I’d rather live in a world where both my son and daughter have the freedom to consent to becoming a parent when they are ready. Where my son doesn’t have to worry about being held financially liable when a woman lies about being on birth control, or decides to keep the baby even when he has made it clear to her that he doesn’t want to be a father. I want to live in a world where my daughter has the freedom to decide whether or not she is ready to take care of a child, where she has the option of an abortion if some ahole rapes her. Maybe it’s difficult for someone who doesn’t have both a son and daughter to understand, but I’m not okay with infringing on the freedom of one gender just to ensure greater privileges for the other. Put forth a logically consistent argument if you want to change mind.