Reply To: Help need with the situation I’m in.


Alright, that’s entirely fair. I can’t convince you to read/understand my point of view nor to be logically consistent with your arguments. I’m not just here to argue with emotionally driven people who aren’t interested in understanding their own logical fallacies. Your argument basically boils down to the idea that women shouldn’t be trusted with birth control and they shouldn’t be held responsible for it either… I can’t entirely agree with that.

I do believe there are reasonable solutions to solve the problem. 1) It would be entirely reasonable to address consent for sex and consenting to become a parent separately, we already extend this privilege to women, so we can just give men the legal right to opt out of parental responsibilities as well. 2) Why not just extend the welfare state to also cover men’s financial provider role? We already pay a greater society cost imprisoning men who are unable or unwilling to pay the ransom, and women already receive tax funding to provide for their children anyways. If you can’t be bothered to read what I have to say before throwing around insults and other meaningless drivel, then by all means don’t waste your time (or mine) replying.