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Reply To: Help need with the situation I’m in.


Maybe I’m being unreasonably complex with my arguments here, I’d rather simplify my points enough that people can understand them and find some common ground. I don’t want to be overly blunt with my language, but it’s very frustrating that I can’t convey why the current system is more fair to my daughter than it is to my son.

The fact that men are held financially responsible for a pregnancy, with the threat of imprisonment if they can’t/don’t payup is irrefutable, it’s objective reality. The fact that women have far more control over whether or not they become pregnant after sex, and/or whether or not they keep the child is also irrefutable. I don’t see how you can deny these basic facts and claim that birth control is fair and equal for men and women, when women can literally have all the unprotected sex they want and exercise complete control over whether or not a pregnancy occurs?

Men lose control of pregnancy as soon as they ejaculate in a woman. Our options for birth control are not as reliable (condoms), not as enjoyable (condoms, abstinence), and not as reversible (vasectomy). If you continue to deny this truth then I have to conclude that you either can’t comprehend it, or you just don’t care whether or not my son has the same degree of freedom/control over this aspect of life as my daughter. I certainly hope you don’t hold this attitude with a son of your own.