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We have plans for cinema for avengers end game when I get paid, I get 1 in 6 weekends off I take him museum cos he really likes it we play Pokémon go together that’s out big thing together usually now it’s warmer weather annual leave is different as I have to gain it first and I’m using that near his birthday as I’m gonna be looking after him as his mum’s away I’m teaching him football cos it’s something he asked me to do as well it’s hard cos even though he decides what we do and we have fun, laugh and such he seems to keep going back to his mum and saying he hates it etc… That’s the most hurtful thing about it and also to that my ex is trying to play my sister’s against me as well by making out I’m not bothering which causes me crap and drama from them and it’s starting to affect me we literally had a conversation to do with this stuff then next minute she’s bad mouthing me to my sister’s and they start having a go as well