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Good evening

I’m 42, a married father of three wonderful children we were very blessed to receive. I’m married to my wife now for 19 years after meeting her 22 years ago. My wife is no. one in my life, she is the life-giver of our family. We had a tricky start being told we’d never have children together due to some shortfalls diagnosed with both of us, so very pleased to be parents for each of our beautiful surprises we made together – we were euphoric when the third popped in there shortly before I arranged an appointment for the bricks.

Neither my wife nor I had an easy time of things. Both of us have ongoing, intermittent mental health issues we’ve dealt with since our teens and generationally imposed social pressures from older family and friends. I almost lost my life due to an accident in my teens and my wife is predisposed with a condition which doesn’t help any woman. She achieved so much by herself in the last ten years which benefitted all of us, with so much effort and passion, it changed our lives unmeasurably.

We live with very little and as a benefit not only to us but our children, we learn a wealth in practical abilities, self-sufficiency and personal help.

I would like to help if I can. I’m a husband and father first but I have abilities in: mechanics, plumbing, electrics, building, interior design, computers, programming, business analytics, accounting, AI, ML, art, playtime with our children (though they’re getting a bit old for that now), baking, cooking, horse-husbandry, etc. and probably a whole lot more. The last one is a bit odd but you can ask about that later.

The point I want to make is that I would like to help and ask for some advice in return, hopefully making something better for someone else.