Reply To: Newborn Mum has given up entirely


Hi there,

First and foremost, thank you to everyone for your responses in this difficult time.

My partner has been, unfortunately, sectioned under the M.H.A. for her current state but I also wanted to add some more worrying context to the situation.

After deciding that I should take my partner to see a doctor, which they have also confirmed that this is in-fact severe post-natal depression, her mother has shown her true colours as an overbearing individual. I was screamed at, told horrible things about myself and her very negative opinion about my relationship between my partner and myself, using very aggressive and strong language (all while holding our daughter in her arms may I add).

My partner has started medication (Sertraline) after 3 days of being under observation. She went in voluntarily but after her mother had, what I deem to be essentially brainwashing, convinced her that she would be best under her care and not the NHS’, she tried to voluntarily be discharged and was subsequently sectioned.

I can’t in this situation, apply for an interdict as far as I am aware for the best of my partner’s mentality, not to mention my daughters.
I cannot be in the same room as her mother any longer as she will start an argument and cause more distress towards my partner. I haven’t seen my daughter as a result in two days now and my partner’s condition is not improving.

In addition to this, the mother has started a smear campaign against myself and certain members of her family who have sided with me on this issue. My partner can no longer speak over the phone with me as when the mother comes to “help” by visiting her at the hospital (or even prior to being in the hospital) my partner would automatically hang up.

I understand the situation is just completely toxic now and that this overbearingness has been going on now for weeks. This was very well hidden from me in the early months as my partner moved to her mother’s abode under the guise that she needed help and I “had to go back to work”.

I could keep going on about how the mother has stated that I should have contacted her -first- to established when I can take paternity and that now the situation is so out-of-hand and her daughter is depressed that I should sign a document for her to take care of our daughter and my partner for the next 1, 2 or 5 years.

I doubt someone here has been in the same situation as this could only happen to me with my horrid luck in life.

However, if someone has been, any advice on what to do?

Sorry to not provide better news in this situation.