Reply To: Don’t tell your Mum – podcast


Been the next one to comment on your own post=Lame

I’m doing it anyway lol

I pad dead cheers son, so I grabbed my phone to listen to episode 3 in the bath rather than catching up on Netflix.

Another great listen and an incredible story from the guest dad.

Topic of discussion lying to your kids. Starting off with the big one about the big guy in red.(trying to respect JK’s views).my wife recently asked me to read the Gentle Parenting book which discusses the same topic. This was when I messaged my wife saying the author had lost me because I’m not supposed to teach my son to say sorry or encourage the big lie. Her response the big guys real (classic response from my wife)

Back to the sorry part apparently young kids can’t empathise so making them say sorry along with our regular little lies teaches them it’s okay to lie.

Now I’m not sure I buy in to the sorry thing but she has appoint, otherwise where else would they learn to lie.