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Here are a few thoughts

I think blokes normally talk on forums about football and cars, I don’t think a blokes children site would ever catch fire like mumsnet but I do think its really important that this exists. I do like reading the day to day stuff.

I read up on forums to try and deal with the negative aspects of being a dad that I had/have to deal with…Courts, CMS etc. For anyone affected, these are life changing and its where a bit of support or examples/experiences online can make a huge difference. The problem is that these aren’t easy or pleasant reading for people enjoying a honeymoon existence. The other problem is that it can be a difficult area for the website/forum to stray toward and it potentially creates an entirely new rubbernecker audience.

Personally I would add this section to the forum, there are people out there looking for it.

Also, stick a car and football section in….not being funny but if you can’t beat them, join them….maybe a joke section too and follow timing/trends with a fathers day section, summer hols section etc I know I’d like to talk about how much we spend on pressies, how often the kids should play computer games