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Matt Burke

Hey new here, know idea how to even start my post, but to cut a very long story short I don’t live with my son, he’s 8 I see him every other weekend and in the week.
I absolutely love being a dad, I feel its why I was put on this earth ( cheeky I know ) but I’ve never known what I wanted career wise, once my son was born I’d found something that I realised I needed in my life how ever I’ve found it tough being away from him I was diagnosed with depression about 3 years ago because I was away from him.

My son has always been polite no trouble at all until last week when he called me a TWAT I’ve never heard him swear, like ever it took Me by surprise and he had a meltdown about the boys in his football team trying to pinch his ball and he called them fucking idiots, I took him out of the training session and took him home and spoke to him on the way home and told him he needs to talk about things on his mind, I spoke to his mum and she said they’ve had a lot of change recently at hers and he’s just lashed out at me….however and his is the point in my post. I’ve recently found out my current gf who I’ve been with 4 years Is pregnant and I’m worried how the change in my life is going to impact my son, can any one lend some advice that have been in the same situation ?