Reply To: Secondary school


Putting aside the cost discussion as I agree that it will be a struggle if not impossible for some families.

However, as for the necessity of technology, IMHO it is only going to get more important, I work in a restaurant and even our waiters and waitresses are required to use various technologies to complete their jobs.

I’m sure we can all agree, we went through education without using any of these items and haven’t suffered later in life. So where is the real benefit and need for these?

This is a bit of an empty argument, of course we went through education without these pieces of technology, they hadn’t been invented yet. If they had been invented, we would surely have used them.

I was a site manager in a school a few years back and we worked out that if we bought every member of staff and student a device as they joined the school rather than having any books/paper/printing/copying etc we would save the school a fortune, not to mention the benefit to the environment.